Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Ans:24/7 and 365 days in a year.Make a deal with us. We ensure you that you will pass a great time with us.

Ans: (Company Name)hasa number of highly talented as well as trained professional. They are always be with you to give best quality work. All the time we check 3 times before sending a work to our customer.We do not work only for money. We want to make a good relationship with our valuable client.

Ans:We always give our client perfect work. Ourprofessionals are well trained and so expert also.They can able to handle more work with accuracy as well as best quality. Stay with (company name)and enjoy better services than others with cheap rate.

Ans: We have a lot of customers who have kept working with us for year. Then, if you want, you may offer us a weekly or monthly payment. Every time you make anorder, you have to fill up all the information like date, price, batch number and quantity of work. We offer you an option to check how the work is going before making any weekly or monthly payment. As we want as our client would pass an excellent time with us.That’s why we provide our best services to you.

Ans: First you receive your work.If you pleased to see the work,then pay to us.At this point we will provide you aninvoice where you find all the information require to make payment. You should have to follow the methods of payment. First, you have to log into your account and print/ see/ view theinvoices and then make payment.

We accept Mastercard, Paypal,American Express,Visa Electron, Solo or Debit Maestro, Visa.

Ans:Welcome to (Company Name).We have a number of skilled and highly trained professional to serve you all the time.Sometimes it may happen mistakenly. Then we will correct the mistakes in no time. Actually, our customer rarely finds any mistakes in our work. You do not need to pay anything for correcting the problem by us. We will do that free of cost.

Ans: Normally we create single FTP for every singular client with a username and password. You should provide the correct information to register a new account.

Ans: It depends on the number of work on your project. We normally deliver our projects within 24 hours.Small quantity of work like 5,10 or 20 images require 6 to 12 hours to finish. We realize the importance of the work you give us to do. So we always try our level best to deliver the work as soon as possible. You may have a chat with us before make any order we are ready to support you all the time

Ans:There are no limitations interms of size.You may send any size of file. But one thing you should bear in mind that our online up-loaderhas the ability to upload maximum 64MB at a time. To know more, please contact with us. We will inform you with details.

Ans: We have no limitation for big as well as the small size of files. As we think small size files are also same important as big size files.

Ans: It depends on your requirement. We provide the entire format you demand. When you need aclipping path we provide JPG but when you need masking we provide in PSD, PNG or TIFF. Remember, we must respond as per your demand.We will provide as per your demand.

Ans: We prepare to receive any kind of file from you. Feel free to send us any kind file like PSD, JPG,EPS or CRT.

Ans: In that case you may copy them into a DVD or hard drive and just send that to us. If you have files you may upload them otherwise you may discuss with us.

Ans: We always provide you the easiest way to send us files.We have three ways to upload images to us. Those are:

    1.Online Uploaded: Here you can upload download, changename of your images in an easy way.
    2.FTP account: You have to register with our site to get a FTP account and then use FTP to send images to us.
    3.YouSendit, SendThisFile,Wetransferetc: If you prefer,then you may chose these third parties to send us images.

Email: You may also usethe mail option to send us images. But by email you may not able to sendhigh quantity images.

Ans : When you are new in clipping services , then please sign up a free account.

    • Log in to the account
    • Upload and submit

Ans :We give you guarantee that your images are totally safe with us.Nobody will not take a single image out of our offices. All our personnel arehere by signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Ans : No and never .After completings the task we delete all of our clients images. So don’t worry about that.

FAQ by email, Skype or Phone Call at Clipping Service Asia

We are here to make our services easy for you. You can send us an email to arrange for a live chat or call session with one of our professionals over Skype or a phone call.

We are here to make our services easy for you. You can send us an email to arrange for a live chat or call session with one of our professionals over Skype or a phone call.

Our passion for achieving perfection with photo is pursued by skilled professionals offered to consumers for affordable prices using cutting-edge technological tools, systems and devices.